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CompTIA Server+

CompTIA Server+

CompTIA Server+ validates your skills with the most commonly used server and storage systems in the IT industry. This certification demonstrates an impressive knowledge base that narrows the skills gap and provides the hands-on experience that businesses need.


    CompTIA Server+ certification validates IT professionals can do just that and more. As an industry-recognized credential, CompTIA Server+ helps boost the performance of IT professionals within businesses of all sizes.


    None. Recommended Knowledge: Basic knowledge of computer hardware and operating systems, A+ Certification, and 06 to 24 months of IT experience.

    CompTIA Certified Exam:

    Exam Name: CompTIA Server +

    Exam Code = SKO – 004

    Course Objectives:

    In this course, students install, configure, upgrade, maintain, and troubleshoot servers, and learn information and skills that will be helpful on the job, and prepare for the CompTIA Server+ certification examination.

    You will learn how to?

    • Upon successful completion of this course, students will be able to:
    • Examine server fundamentals.
    • Identify the hardware components of a server.
    • Describe the features of server software.
    • Examine the various types of storage systems used in servers.
    • Various types of server storage systems
    • How to install hardware components and configure servers
    • How to resolve issues involved in upgrading server components & examine the issues in upgrading server components.
    • Identify some of the industry’s best practices for deploying a server and the various strategies of securing, accessing, and remotely managing the server hardware.
    • How to troubleshoot servers.
    • Describe disaster recovery concepts and techniques.

    Job Opportunities






    Job Roles

    1. Server Administrator
    2. Server Support Engineer
    3. Server Support Technician
    4. IT/Server Technician
    5. Storage Administrator

    Our Courses & Training Classes Suit the following

    The IT training classes which we are currently offering are suitable for a wide range of candidates including:

    • School leavers
    • Adult returnees to education
    • Individuals who are in employment and wish to enhance their career prospects
    • Individuals who wish to start a new career in IT
    • Individuals who wants to get promotion at work
    • Individuals who wants to upgrade in their IT skills
    • Any Age group
    • Diversity

    Teaching Staff:

    ITPT has a big team of experts and passionate professional instructors whose services in IT industry are splendid, they all are very well known to the IT vendors and also certified academy instructors of CompTIA, Cisco, Oracle, Microsoft, CEH, Security and SQA. They are also certified assessors, invigilators, markers and internal verifiers.

    ITPT teaching staff has years of experience in IT Training, We always strive to deliver a unique study experience to our students. ITPT work closely with the current and updated curriculum and customised courses which meets the objectives of students and professionals.

    Since we believe that member of staff are the key to delivering top-notch services, ITPT has put in place a strict recruitment process by which only the IT qualified and master-degree holders can be considered to work for ITPT.  All of our personnel hold a master degree in IT field and they are also accredited & recognised by different IT Vendors to congregate their requirements.

    We also ensure that our staff qualification is up to date so we have a policy of equipping our staff with the latest IT technology as soon as it comes out.

    What ITPT will be providing?

    • Course materials.
    • Lab based experience.
    • Access to ITPT Students Website Portal
    • Volunteer work experience (provided if offer by any of our IT Support Associates)
    • In house course completion certificate will be awarded on completion.
    • Work experience letter will be given on completion if attended.
    • One to one interaction with the instructor (for special required students)
    • Disabled candidates accommodations
    • CV building help.
    • Job hunting help is aligned with our courses

    Student Support: available while studying

    We have made available diverse and flexible learning methods to accommodate a wider variety of learners:

    • Support Available for Instructor led, blended & distance learning are:
    1. Direct telephone support with allocated mentor (only during working hours)
    2. Email support
    3. Skype support (D/L)
    4. ITPT Student Portal that can be accessed via ITPT Website
    5. Virtual Classes (launching soon so the student can benefit from the remote places)
    6. Study Materials (Hard Copy)
    7. Online materials (Soft copy)
    8. Work shop
    9. Community Chat
    10. Web Community Forums
    11. Instructor Slides available on our students portal
    12. Expert Advice
    13. Group Project (Team Work)

    Classes Duration

    This course will be delivered 1-2 days a week, 7-15 hours a week, one full classroom but not more than 8 students per class. We believe in quality not in quantity so we endeavour to do our best to have precise quantity per class so an instructor can concentrate accordingly or if we have more than 8 students per class then we always put a lab assistant to help out the instructor.

    Please do remember the above course is instructor led training programme followed by hands on live labs, so the attendance is required.

    1 – Introduction to Servers

    1. Examine the Network Architecture
    2. Identify Common Server Types and Functions

    2 – Exploring the Server Hardware

    1. Identify Server System Board Components
    2. Explore System Processing Core
    3. Explore Server Memory
    4. Examine Server Cooling and Power Systems

    3 – Introduction to Server Software

    1. Describe Server Software
    2. NOS Management Features
    3. NOS Security Features
    4. Network Essentials for Servers

    4 – Exploring the Server Storage System

    1. Examine Storage Devices Used for Servers
    2. Exploring IDE and SCSI
    3. Describe RAID
    4. Explore NAS Implementations
    5. Explore SAN Implementations

    5 – Installing the Server Hardware

    1. Identify the Best Practices in Server Hardware Installation
    2. Install Hardware Components on a Server
    3. Verify Server Installation
    4. Install a Server in a Network Environment

    6 – Configuring Servers

    1. NOS Installation and Verification
    2. Install System Monitoring Agents and Service Tools
    3. Server Configuration Documentation

    7 – Examining the Issues in Upgrading Server Components

    1. Examine an Upgrade Checklist
    2. Examine the Issues in Upgrading Server Hardware
    3. Examine the Issues in Upgrading Server Software

    8 – Examining Servers in an IT Environment

    1. Industry Best Practices for Server Installation and Maintenance
    2. Server Security and Access Methods

    9 – Troubleshooting Servers

    1. Examine the Troubleshooting Theory and Methodologies
    2. Troubleshoot Server Hardware Problems
    3. Troubleshoot Server Software Problems
    4. Troubleshoot Server Network Problems
    5. Troubleshoot Server Storage Device Problems

    10 – Exploring Disaster Recovery Concepts and Methodologies

    1. Examine Disaster Recovery Plans
    2. Implement Disaster Recovery Methodologies
    3. Implement Replication Methods

    Funding Available:

    This course is FREE (SAAS part-time funding) to anyone who is on benefits or earning £25,000 or less, given that they have not used SAAS/ILA funding towards any other course/training in the last 12 months.

    Those in receipt of following benefits are automatically eligible:

    • Jobseekers allowance
    • Income support
    • Incapacity Benefit/Employment Support Allowance
    • Child Tax Credit (minimum rate)
    • Pension Credit

    Apply for course funding 

    Our Courses are fully funded by SAAS: Student Awards Agency for Scotland

    Please visit the SAAS website www.saas.gov.uk to see your eligibility.

    Download: SAAS Part Time Funding Guide, Part Time Forms

    Read: Part Time Students Eligibility Criteria, Disabled students’ allowance (DSA)

    For Students who don’t qualify for the above fundings:

    How much this course will cost?

    If for any reason you do not qualify for SAAS funding our fees are as follows for students living  in UK or the European Union:



    Vender Neutral (can be paid in instalments) £600
    SQA Accredited (PDA) (can be paid in instalments) £600

     Fees are payable in advance at the start of course unless otherwise agreed.

    We also provide flexible fee instalments to help students in paying their fee.

    There are a number of other funding opportunities available to UK and EU students to help them to pay for their studies. Contact the college for more details.

    Choose between classroom based or study at your own time and peace with our eLearning and blended learning options.

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