IT Professional Training

ECDL Extra

More concepts of Information Technology, using word, spreadsheets, presentations & Improving Productivity using IT.


    ECDL Extra Course Content

    Module 3: Word processing, Module 4: Spreadsheets, Module 6: Presentation software & Improving Productivity using IT.

    Word Processing Content:

    • Opening and closing a word processing application and documents
    • Saving and adjusting document settings
    • Inserting, selecting and editing data
    • Copying, moving and deleting text
    • Search and replace
    • Document and text Formatting
    • Working with paragraphs, lists and borders
    • Headers and footers
    • Creating and working with tables
    • Inserting and working photographs, clip-art images, and charts
    • Preparing mail merge document and handling data sources
    • Preparing output, setting up page values and printing documents

    Spreadsheet Module Content:

    • Creating and saving, opening and closing spreadsheets
    • Adjusting settings and working with cells
    • Editing data and handling rows and columns
    • Copying, moving and deleting data
    • Finding and replacing and sorting data
    • Handling worksheets and working with formulas
    • Cell referencing and working with functions (the IF function, count, etc.)
    • Formatting cell contents: text, numbers and dates
    • Working with alignments and border effects
    • Creating and editing charts and graphs
    • Setup and printing worksheets

    Presentation Module Content:

    • Opening and closing an application and presentations
    • Adjusting settings and using presentation views
    • Create/amend master slide and design templates
    • Adding and editing text and formatting the slide layout
    • Inserting images, creating charts and graphs
    • Creating and editing drawing objects and organisational charts
    • Copying, moving, and deleting objects
    • Adding slide show effects – transitions and animations
    • Preparing, printing and delivering presentations

    Improving Productivity using IT Module Content:

    • Understand purpose of IT solutions
    • Plan, design, justify and create IT solution
    • Select appropriate application
    • Review and adapt project keeping in mind local & legal constraints
    • Review outcomes and propose improvements
    • Analyse and review benefits
    • Develop and test solution

    Target Audience

    This is a course that results in a British Computer Society Qualification (ECDL Extra) a qualification recognised throughout Europe. These qualifications enable people to demonstrate their competence in computer skills and in particular Office applications.

    Entry Requirements

    Learners need to be confident in using a computer for creating a text document using the mouse and keyboard. Tutor interview is required.

    Future Prospects

    ECDL Advanced.


    British Computer Society Online Assessment.


    British Computer Society


    SCQF Level: 6

    How much will this course cost?

    Our fees are as follows for students living  in UK or the European Union:

    ECDL (Extra)


    Full Course (can be paid in instalments)  £300+ VAT

     Fees are payable in advance at the start of course unless otherwise agreed.

    We also provide flexible fee instalments to help students in paying their fee.

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