Weekly Kids coding classes ( Age 6-10)

Weekly Kids coding classes ( Age 6-10)


    Train your children in IT at our weekly coding classes. A fun and engaging way for your child to learn various aspects of IT that will serve them well in their future education and employment.

    Our course takes a wide lens on computer science by covering topics such as Minecraft Programming, Python Programming, Web Development (HTML/CSS), and more.

    Students are empowered to create authentic artifacts and engage with Computer Science as a medium for creativity, communication, problem-solving, and fun.

    Our 12 weeks coding class will be divided into 4 blocks

    Week 1st – 3rd: Coding for games including Minecraft

    Coding for kids Age 6 -10
    In the first 3 weeks kids will be introduced to block coding using Minecraft game. Minecraft is an open-world game that promotes creativity, collaboration, and problem-solving in an immersive environment where the only limit is your kids imagination.
    Things you can do in Minecraft:
    – Collaborate on projects with classmates
    – Document their work, and share in class.
    – Personalize their game

    Week 4th – 6th: Python Programming

    These 3 weeks will introduce students with the power of python programming. They will learn the basics of programming by drawing shapes on their screen with Tracy the Turtle! Turtle Graphics is a beginner friendly way to explore programming concepts and bring creativity into programming in a visual way.

    Week 7th – 9th: Mobile App Development using App Lab

    In these 3 weeks students will be taught to make their own first mobile App. Making your own apps is easy with App Lab! Whether you’re new to coding or have some experience. App Lab is a great tool for building new apps and sharing them with your friends.
    Objective: Build and share their own apps in App Lab using features like buttons, text, images, sound, and screens

    Week 10th -12th: Web Development using HTML & CSS – Web lab

    Web Lab is a programming environment where you can make simple web pages using HTML and CSS. Design your web pages and share your site in seconds.
    In the last 3 weeks students will be empowered to create and share the content on their own web pages. They will begin by thinking about the role of the web, and how it could be used as a medium for creative expression. As students will develop their pages and begin to see themselves as programmers, they will be encouraged to think critically about the impact of sharing information online and how to be more critical content consumers. They will also be introduced to problem solving as it relates to programming, as they learn valuable skills such as debugging, commenting, and structure of language. At the conclusion of this week, students will compile their work to create a personal website which they can publish and share.

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    Weekly Coding Classes (Beginners) – Age: 6-10£65 per block or £200 for all 4 (exc. VAT)

    Many Payment Options:

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