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CompTIA A + – ELearning/Distance Learning Course

August 31, 2022 all-day Europe/London Timezone

Course Introduction:
The CompTIA A+ certificate is widely recognized and prepares the individual to enter the market as PC Technician. The CompTIA A+ certification is the industry standard for validating vendor-neutral skills expected for an entry level computer technician and will open the door for an exciting career in computer technology.

This course is also known as Gateway to IT world. Students will complete the coursework in their own time via a specific eLearning kit. You will not need to attend any lessons at our training centres.

Course Description:
The CompTIA A+ certification ensures that the successful candidate has the important knowledge and skills necessary. CompTIA A+ certification exam objectives and provide expertise to work with mobile devices, networking technology, hardware, installing and configuring operating systems, expanded security, software troubleshooting, and more.
CompTIA A+ 220-1001 covers mobile devices, networking technology, hardware, virtualization and cloud computing and network troubleshooting. CompTIA A+ 220-1002 covers installing and configuring operating systems, expanded security, software troubleshooting and operational procedures.

Basic Computer understanding- No prerequisite set up by CompTIA

Course Objectives:
· Supporting Operating Systems
· Installing and Configuring PC Components
· Installing, Configuring, and Troubleshooting Display and Multimedia Devices
· Installing, Configuring, and Troubleshooting Storage Devices
· Installing, Configuring, and Troubleshooting Internal System Components
· Installing, Configuring, and Maintaining Operating Systems
· Maintaining and Troubleshooting Microsoft Windows
· Network Infrastructure Concepts
· Configuring and Troubleshooting Networks
· Managing Users, Workstations, and Shared Resources
· Implementing Client Virtualization and Cloud Computing
· Security Concepts
· Securing Workstations and Data
· Troubleshooting Workstation Security Issues
· Supporting and Troubleshooting Laptops
· Supporting and Troubleshooting Mobile Devices
· Installing, Configuring, and Troubleshooting Print Devices
· Implementing Operational Procedures

Exams & Recommended Training:
Candidates can choose any of the following exam certifications:
Exam Title: CompTIA A+
Exam Code: 1001 – 1002

For further information on the course, please visit the link below. We can send you a document with further information on the course via email:


Mode of Learning:
ELearning/Online Distance Learning

What we will be providing?
1. Online integrated course materials
2. Assisted by Tutor via email.
3. Moodle Access
4. Office 365 1TB of space for the course work

How to apply for the Course Funding from SAAS PTFG:
SAAS Part Time full funding is available for this course and the course training will be totally free for eligible candidates only. SAAS Part Time full funding is available for this course and the training will be totally free for eligible candidates only. This is a grant not a loan and the funding covers the full cost of our designated courses including the SQA relevant exams.
Student Awards Agency for Scotland (SAAS)
Please visit the https://www.saas.gov.uk/part-time/undergraduate-funding to apply for the course funding;

In addition to the funding application student must fill ITPT course admission application form so we can reserve the place while their SAAS funding application is in process. Any student who do not inform us then their place in the course will not be guaranteed as we have minimum places to offer to SAAS funded students/learners.

Students intending to use SAAS Part Time Fee Grant to fund their studies should apply well prior to the course starting dates. In some cases we allow students to enrol while their funding is in process, if the course date is near or gone past but they have to provide the proof that their funding has been applied to SAAS PTFG and is in under process.

Students can also self-finance this course if do not qualify for the funding. The cost can be divided into manageable instalments but this needs to be paid within the course duration. To book the place, first instalment must be paid three weeks before the course starting date.

Group Learner Discounts:
There is further discounts if there a group of students or delegates from the company wants to attend the course.

What ITPT do to help students for SAAS funding application forms?
We advise & provide information regarding their SAAS funding application, how and what information to fill through SAAS PTFG online portal so don’t worry just make an appointment and pop along, our dedicated course consultants will be happy to assist you accordingly.

We can send the course admission form and further information via email too.

Contact Us:
For more information please do contact us;

Edinburgh Phone: 0131 552 5558 – 0131 552 5800
Glasgow Phone: 0141 429 2922
Email: info@itpt.co.uk
website: https://www.itpt.co.uk/
Contact us via website: https://www.itpt.co.uk/contact-us/

To Book an Appointment with Course Advisors:

To Book course registration or for further information about the course or its funding, please follow the below link;