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CCNA Implementing & Administering Cisco Solutions: Exam Code: 200 – 301 @ Edinburgh

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February 6, 2021 @ 9:30 am – 1:00 pm Europe/London Timezone
62 West Harbour Road

Course Introduction
Cisco Certified Network Associate (CCNA) is a certification program for today’s associate-level job roles in IT technologies. It now includes security and automation and programmability. The program has one certification that covers a broad range of fundamentals for IT careers, with one exam and one training course to help you prepare. Cisco has introduced the new training program for CCNA certification program which has all the latest and necessary changes needed to cover all the latest networking technologies and methodologies. Cisco has also introduced some new set of skills like software development skills, more advanced knowledge on the matter and new job roles as well. This new update has made the CCNA certification program to move towards perfectness and successful IT career.

No Prerequisite required

Course Objectives

CCNA training course and exam provides the foundation which can take your career into any trend. CCNA certification covers a breadth of topics, including:
• Network fundamentals
• Network access
• IP connectivity
• IP services
• Security fundamentals
• Automation and programmability
For detailed exam contents, please send your request via email…

How CCNA Certification is changing?
200 – 125 200 – 301
• 10 CCNA Certifications • No Prerequisites
• CCENT as a Prerequisite for some • No CCENT
• ICND1+ICND2 = CCNA RS • No 2 exams scheme

Some New Topics included in new certification 200 – 301:
Approximately 15% of new topics has been included in the new CCNA course and some of them are listed below;

• LAN Security
• Switch Security
• WLAN Concepts
• WLAN Configuration
• Network Security
• VPN & IP Sec
• Network Automation

Key topics removed from 200 -125 certification:

• VTP (1,2) • EIGRP
• Multi-area OSPF • RIP, RIPv2
• OSPFv3 • BGP
• NetFlow • GRE

Exams & Recommended Training
One of the most important and greeted updates was regards to examination that is individuals don’t need to give two exams anymore. They only need to pass one exam to earn their reputed CCNA certification. Tutor will also take a mock exam at the end of the course to evaluate your understanding for the vendor’s exam.

Required Exam(s) Recommended Training
200-301 CCNA Implementing & Administering Cisco Solutions

Exam Overview:
The following topics are general guidelines for the content likely to be included on the CCNA exam. However, other related topics may also appear on any specific delivery of the exam. The guidelines below may change at any time without notice in order to better reflect the contents of the exam and for clarity purposes (Cisco).

Topics Percentage
1.0 Network fundamentals 20%
2.0 Network access 20%
3.0 IP connectivity 25%
4.0 IP services 10%
5.0 Security fundamentals 15%
6.0 Automation and programmability 10%

SQA Framework:
The Cisco program also offers a number of shorter curricula which are related to SQA HN Units and is known as Professional Development Award in Networking Technology (PDA Network Technology). These are also assessed by means of restricted response questions and practical labs and so can give credit transfer to complete units. The total credits of 64 can be achieved on passing SQA exams successfully at no additional cost.

Hands on Experience
Hands on experience on live Cisco Routers, Switches, and Security Devices is provided.

Classes Duration:
This course will be delivered 1day a week, 3 – 7 hours, one full classroom.
4 – 5 months (16- 20 weeks).

Modes of Course Delivery:
1. Tutor Led learning
2. Blended learning

Modes of Attendance:
1. Part Time
2. Weekends/Weekdays

Course funding: SAAS: Scottish Awards Agency for Scotland
This course is funded by SAAS part time fee agency, and available to the eligible students who satisfy their requirements.
• Students do not need to pay it back as this is a grant not a loan.
• This is different from the full time funding which can even be applied by someone who previously granted fulltime funding for a degree, postgrad or any other full time studies (HNC/HND) etc.
• Part time funding cannot be received on a same session if one is already receiving any full/part time funding for any other courses.
• Part Time funding can only be used for one course per academic year.
• SAAS part time funding academic year starts from Aug to July.
SAAS Part Time funding is available for this course which covers the full cost of the training and SQA relevant exams.
Please visit the SAAS website to see your eligibility. https://www.saas.gov.uk/part_time/index.htm

Students intending to use SAAS Part Time Fee Grant to fund their studies should apply in prior to the course starting dates. In some cases we allow students to enrol while their funding is in process, if the course starting date is near or already started, (if the place is available).

Students can also self-fund this course if they do not qualify for the funding.

Group Learner Discounts:
There is further discounts if there a group of students or delegates from the company wants to attend the course.

What ITPT do to help students for SAAS funding application forms?
We help students in filling forms as well as the photocopying of their supporting documents if required so don’t worry just make an appointment and pop along, our dedicated course consultants will be happy to assist you accordingly.

Contact Us
For more information:

Please contact us on 0131 552 5558 – 0131 552 5800 via phone or email us at info@itpt.co.uk.
Our admin office is open Monday to Friday from 09:00 Am – 05:00 Pm and Saturday from 10:00 Am – 03:00 Pm.

Please contact us on 0141 429 29 22 via phone or email us at info@itpt.co.uk.
Our admin office is open 7 days a week, from 09:00 Am – 05:00 Pm.

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