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NAT 5 – Computing Science Tuitions (Classroom, Virtual (Remote – live Tutor) & Blended learning option available) @ Edinburgh Centre only

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August 26, 2022 all-day Europe/London Timezone
62 West Harbour Road
Edinburgh EH5 1PW

Our weekly lessons are tutor-led, taught in person at our Edinburgh centre, aimed at students studying SQA National 5 Computing Science. The 40 minutes-long class will allow for a deeper and more impactful learning experience compared to traditional classes at school. The lessons also provide an opportunity to fill gaps in knowledge that students may have due to absence from school.
This course is designed for learners who are considering to appear for the NAT 5 Computing Science SQA exam. It provides opportunities to enhance skills in planning and organising, working independently and within teams, critical thinking and decision making, research, communication, and self and peer evaluation, in a range of contexts.
Test your knowledge:
We will evaluate students existing knowledge with the help of an aptitude test.
What topics will be covered?
The course has four areas of study which are covered in depth, these are as follows:
• Software design and development
• Computer systems
• Database design and development
• Web design and development
NAT 5 Syllabus will be followed throughout the tuition
Additional help to Students:
Students will be provided ITPT Moodle access to utilise uploaded digital learning materials to aid in learning more from home.
Recommended Exams:
NAT 5 Computing Science SQA exam
How we teach?
Our fully qualified SQA Assessors/Tutors will deliver high quality lessons on the set content for each lesson, ensuring each student reach his full potential. We closely follow SQA to incorporate any course updates into the lesson content. We use SQA past papers and our own made potential exam papers. Answering past papers helps you to work out which topics you know really well and figure out what gaps you need to fill in. By testing your knowledge you can check your revision progress and feel more confident about what you already know.
Tutor Experience:
• The tuition is taught by the SQA teachers who have wealth of experience in teaching the SQA curriculum. They have detailed, expert knowledge about the syllabus and requirements of the exam board.
• Students will be given ITPT Moodle account individually where they can easily access all the course lessons and resources.
• Students will be taught specially about time-management skills.
• One-to-one attention in a supportive and enjoyable environment, which means all students questions will be answered in more depth.
• Students will be provided empathetic and fun environment which means they will be motivated to learn.

Modes of Learning:
You have the option of undertaking this course via following learning modes:
1.) Face to Face Classroom based Learning: You will attend the class each week on the day and time mentioned above.
2.) Virtual Learning: Live traditional face to face class will broadcast to all virtual learners each week on a specified time.
3.) Blended Learning: Mixture of Face to face and Virtual learning (must inform when joining the course).

Time Table:

A: Weekly Classes:

Starting Date Day Time Subject Class Levels

26/08/2022 Friday 03:00pm to 03:40pm Computing Science N5 £60 (Monthly)
27/08/2022 Saturday 02:00pm to 02:40pm Computing Science N5 £60 (Monthly)
27/08/2022 Saturday 10:00am to 10:40am Computing Science N5 £60 (Monthly)

B: One to One Face to Face or Virtual Session

Starting Date Day Tuition Duration Subject Class Levels

27/08/2022 Saturday 1 Hour Computing Science N5 £100 Monthly
Various Timings available

Contact Us:
For more information please do contact us;
Edinburgh Phone: 0131 552 5558 – 0131 552 5800
Email: info@itpt.co.uk
website: https://www.itpt.co.uk/
Contact us via website: https://www.itpt.co.uk/contact-us/
To Book an Appointment with Course Advisors:
To Book course registration or for further information about the course or its funding, please follow the below link;