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SVQ Diploma for Information Security Professionals – SCQF Level 8 (GJ74 48)

SVQ Diploma for Information Security Professionals – SCQF Level 8 (GJ74 48)

This Diploma is a part-time qualification which can be done whilst you are in full or part-time employment. Most of the learning will take place at your workplace so you can have plenty of prospects to equip yourself with the relevant hands-on practical training.


    This Diploma is a part time qualification which can be done whilst you are in full or part time employment. Most of the learning will take place at your workplace so you can have plenty of prospect to equip yourself with the relevant hands-on practical training. However you will still be required to attend our training centre on a part time basis, which is usually either one day (weekday or weekend) or one full week when required. Learning needs can also be accustomed according to the learner’s expediency.


    Course Introduction:

    The Diploma for Information Security Professionals at SCQF level 8 provides learners with a qualification that will demonstrate their competency in this area. This diploma will cultivate the learner’s confidence and awareness of the skills that they have acquired, which can be utilised for employment and/or further study accordingly. This Qualification is designed to improve learners IT jobs prospect that fulfil requirements of various employers in IT industry.

    Information is at the core of any organisation, whether it’s a business records, personal data or cognitive assets. These are stored in different places and can be accessed in several ways. Individuals are most likely to access data on their work/personal computer or via paper records, but information can also be found on removable disks, laptops, servers, work/personal devices and a host of other places.

    All types of data needs to be kept safe, and the process of doing that is called information security. There are two sub-categories of information security, the first is to protect the physical environment, and this can be achieved by ensuring the premises are secured. The second one is to make sure that no one can access information electronically through the network, this is cyber security.


    Entry Requirements:

    • vNo prior qualifications are required to undertake this qualification, although experience in, or knowledge of, the subject would be an advantage.
    • This can also vary depending on the specific job and framework.

    If you do not have any formal qualification than this is not necessarily a barrier to entry – get in touch with us to discuss your situation.


    Who does this qualification suit to?

    This programme is ideally suited to those employed in the IT sector, learners in FE, individuals who are currently in employment and who wish to obtain a formal qualification or employers who wish their employees to obtain specialist training in this field.


    Employees Benefits:

    • Fully understand the requirements of your current role for which you training for
    • Achieve new skills through hands-on practical;
      • We provide Cisco devices such as Routers/Switches/Security to achieve hand on
      • We have a work shop where we provide all type of PC, Laptop spare parts to our clients to get experience. Students will get the chance to assemble and disassemble desktop and /Laptop computers under the supervision of our experienced Instructors
    • Acquire double help and support from both your employer and ITPT
    • Obtain professional training whilst earning a wage
    • Diplomas are highly valued by employers and can also count towards membership of professional bodies and other employer organisations
    • To gain vendors professional certifications such as Cisco, Microsoft, CompTIA, Oracle etc.
    • Apprentices could also choose to take up further study — such as an university degree
    • Your qualification is accredited by the Scottish Qualifications Authority



    Employers Benefits:

    • By investing in you, your employer is investing in their own future success
    • Your training will help you carry out your job more efficiently
    • Your qualification is tailored specifically to the employer and relevant industry sector meaning you’ll have all the skills they requisite


    Qualification Structure:

    This diploma can be structured in a variety of ways depending on the subject area and the employer’s requirements. However programmes will usually include a Scottish Vocational Qualification (SVQ) at level 4 which will relate directly to the specific job or role you currently have. This will be assessed on your skills in the workplace or at our training centre.

    The Diploma for Information Security Professionals at SCQF levels 8 consists of four mandatory Units and preferred optional Units.

    Mandatory Units: Candidates must complete all Units from this group:
    1Personal Effectiveness 3
    2Health and Safety in IT and Telecoms
    3Principles of Information Governance and Assurance 2
    4Principles of Information Security testing 2


    SQA Framework

    Candidates must achieve a minimum of 150 credits subject to the restrictions described for each group of Units.


    • 51 Mandatory Credits
    • 99 Optional Credits
    • Candidates must achieve 150 credits:
    • 51 from Mandatory Group A;
    • At least 64 from Group B of which at least 36 must be from Group B1;
    • The balance from any other units with a maximum of 35 from Group C.

    At least 40 of the optional unit credits must be at SCQF Level 8.

    Where a family of units exists at more than one level only one unit can contribute to a qualification.


    Progression and Development:

    On completion, your employees can progress to management, consultancy or other senior positions across the following areas:

    • IT Consultancy
    • System Operation
    • System Management
    • Software Developer
    • Web Developer
    • Database Architect
    • Telecoms Engineer
    • Network Planning and Control Systems Architecture


    Course Duration:

    The part time diploma course is being offered for two years.

    SAAS Part Time Course Funding:

    This course is funded by SAAS part time fee agency, and available to the eligible students who satisfy their requirements.

    • Students do not need to pay it back as this is a grant not a loan.
    • This is different from the full time funding which can be applied by someone who previously granted fulltime funding for a degree, postgrad or any other full time studies (HNC/HND) etc., but not on a same academic year
    • Part time funding cannot be received on a same session if one is already receiving any part/full time funding for other courses.
    • Part Time funding can only be used for one course per academic year
    • SAAS part time funding academic year starts from Aug to July.


    SAAS General funding eligibility:

    1. You have to be a resident of Scotland
    2. Part/Full time employed and earing £25,000 a year or less
    3. Have not used the SAAS funding in this Academic Year

    For more details, please visit the below link;


    To check your funding eligibility;


    How to enrol into this course?

    1. We take enrolments throughout the Year so no one misses any opportunity
    2. If you already in employment, you could speak to your employer to see if they would be happy to put you through a Diploma programme
    3. The most common way is to find an employer who is willing to take you on and put through you for this qualification

    More information:

    For further advice on course content, funding/costs, please contact the Apprenticeship development team on 0131 552 5558,  0131 552 5800, 0141 429 2922 or email apprenticeships@itpt.co.uk

    Choose between classroom based or study at your own time and peace with our eLearning and blended learning options.

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