Course Withdrawal Policy


Payment of course fees, either the first instalment or full payment, is due within two weeks of the date of the email booking your place on the course, or for HNC/HND courses, as otherwise stated in the instalment payment schedule.

Cancellations received within the 14-day cancellation period will be entitled to a full refund.

Cancellations received after the 14-day cancellation period and 14 or more days before the start date of the course will be entitled to a refund or fee reduction as follows:

  1. Where payment has been made in full, the student will normally be eligible for a 60% refund of course fees for courses running from January 2016.
  2. Where payment is by instalment, the remaining instalments will not be taken.

Cancellations received after the 14-day cancellation period but later than 14 days before the start date of the course, or withdrawals from an ongoing course, will not be eligible for a refund. Payments for any remaining course fees will be taken according to the agreed instalment plan.

Where a student demands to cancel a place on a course and transfer to another, the standard refund policy will normally apply and the fees for the chosen course must be paid in full.

In the case of exceptional circumstances, a student can appeal for a refund for part of the course fees by sending details and documentary evidence to support their case to the ITPT – Head of Operations.

What if you need to withdraw from any SAAS Funded courses?

You can withdraw from your course at any point but you will be charged relative to the time you have attended at the centre if you do not inform us within two weeks. You must inform us in writing(an email is acceptable) if you need to withdraw. If you withdraw but do not inform us you may be charged for the full course fee.

Students SAAS Funding Obligations:

HNC & HND continuing students should apply for funding promptly, and should not wait for the results of their assessments. You must apply for course funding in every year of study and this is student responsibility to do so.

Part Time Fee Grants may be available for students earning up to £25,000 who are undertaking a part time HNC or HND or SAAS assisted Vendors Neutral courses. Applications must be submitted to SAAS within six months of the course start date. Students who are not in possession of their SAAS award letter at the start of their course will be required to settle in full or agree on a payment plan with ITPT. Refunds or revised arrangements will be made upon presentation of SAAS award letter.

Cancellation by ITPT:

Whilst every effort is made to avoid changes to our courses, the centre reserves the right to withdraw any course. If for any reason the centre cancels a course, all course fees will be returned in full. We cannot however reimburse the cost of any pre-booked travel arrangements and suggest that you might like to consider travel insurance to cover any significant costs incurred.

Fees Outstanding:

When paying for courses by credit card, where the initial payment is a registration fee, or the first agreed instalment payment, the remainder of the fee will be taken from the nominated card according to the payment schedule given on receipt of the registration fee or instalment. There will be 2.5% charges if paying by world pay and 5% charges by PayPal.

If any fee payments, whether by BACS transfer, cheque or credit card, remain outstanding or invalidated without explanation, the following procedure will be set in motion:

  • You will be issued with an invoice from ITPT Finance Office, and it should be payable immediately.
  • If the invoice is not paid within 14 days and you have not made contact with our Admissions Team, (telephone: 0131 5525558, email: accounts@itpt.co.uk), you will be withdrawn from the course.

You cannot continue on a course or enrol on another course at ITPT if there is an outstanding debt to the centre. No credit or award can be achieved following the successful completion of a course if the fees for that course have not been paid in full. ITPT has the rights to withhold your exam results till the dues are cleared.