The Glasgow Educational & Marshall Trust provides funding for the people of Glasgow to advance their academic or vocational qualifications – whatever age or stage. Students have to directly apply for funding with them.


Will they fund me?

The Trust has made awards to many different people and organisations in Glasgow since it was established in 1936.

Find out if you can apply today on their website www.gemt.org.uk/check


What can they fund?

Awards are given towards the cost of the following:

Course Fees

Living Expenses

Books and Materials

Mature students find it expensive returning to education especially if they have a family with a low paid job or no job. Help towards these costs is very beneficial to Mature students.

Childcare Costs

The Trust recognises that this is a financial burden to students with children who want to return to Education. Help with this can alleviate stress with financial restraints.


The Trust can help with costs of every day travel to and from College or University. The Trust may also help with travel abroad.


Residential eligibility

It is an absolute requirement that awards can only be made to persons who have lived in the city of Glasgow for a minimum of 5 years in total.

Students, please note, if you came to live in Glasgow solely for the proposes of study, those years do not count.

The following postcodes qualify as the city of Glasgow:

G1 G2 G3
G4 G5 G11
G12 G13* G14
G15 G20 G21*
G22 G23 G31
G32* G33* G34
G40 G41 G42
G43* G44* G45
G46* G51 G52*
G53* G69*

* the old city boundary cuts through these postcode areas. Please contact Glasgow Educational & Marshall Trust for more details.