ITPT offers a Refund Policy which is Fair, Impartial and Justifiable to all and upon enrolling in any ITPT courses, a student/delegate is entering into a legal agreement under common law, in which they all agree to abide by the conditions of enrolment, in exchange for the training services offered by IT Professional Training Ltd (ITPT).

Student/Delegates may cancel a Course Booking at any time. After the 14-day cancellation period has expired, the standard ITPT course cancellation policy (as specified below) shall apply.

You will not have the right to cancel a Contract where the Services have been fully performed.

Student /Delegates Personal circumstances: Changes in your personal circumstances are not ITPT responsibility and neither can ITPT be held liable for any changes in your circumstances.

Courses Fees obligation: Students/Delegates responsibility is to meet agreed payments deadlines. If you requested to begin performance of the course booking during the cancellation period (i.e. if the course commences during the 14-day cancellation period) or if you access the course materials via our MOODLE access, you shall pay us an amount that is in proportion to what has been performed up until you have communicated to us your cancellation from this policy, in comparison to full exposure of the Agreement.

Express request to start the Services within the cancellation period: If you wish to start our services during the cancellation period, you must make a prompt request to do so in writing, e.g. email. If you subsequently decide to cancel the course, you will be liable to pay us an amount that is in proportion to the Services performed until you have communicated your decision to cancel, in comparison to full coverage of the Course Booking Contract.

Reimbursement: We will make the reimbursement using the same method of payment as you initially used for the transaction, unless you have specifically agreed otherwise. In any occurrence, you will not incur any extra fee charge as a result of this reimbursement.

Courses & Exam Cancellation Policy:

Our Policy:

In a situation where a student wishes to cancel or change their enrollment, and as a measure of good-gesture or goodwill, ITPT will allow the following options. A student may only take up one of these options once.

  1. To cancel a place on ITPT courses, notice of cancellation must be given by email to refunds@itpt.co.uk.
  2. If you cancel at least 30 days prior to the start of the course you will receive a full refund minus a 10% administration fee.
  3. If you cancel between 30 and 14 days prior to the start of the course you will receive a 50% refund.
  4. If you cancel less than 14 days before the course starts you will not be entitled to a refund.
  5. No refund will be made for non-attendance on the course.
  6. No refund will be made for no-show candidates who appearing for any Testing event.
  7. When purchasing Vendors Exam Vouchers from ITPT, we will not be liable for cancelling or rescheduling any exam beyond the exam body cancellation deadline terms. We can only reschedule an exam if contacted prior to the deadline and also it has to be during the relevant testing operating days.
  8. ITPT will accept name changes for attendees. Please inform the Admin Team 14 days prior to the course starts 01315525558 or email info@itpt.co.uk.
  9. You can also cancel the course booking by writing to us at the following address: IT Professional training Ltd (ITPT), 62 West Harbour Road, Granton, Edinburgh EH5 1PW, make sure this arrives within the cancellation period.

If student/delegate do not use the ITPT cancellation form then you must clearly write your intention to cancel the course. To meet the cancellation deadline, please send your communication to exercise your right to cancel before the elimination period is expired. We do not take any responsibility if

Course Cancellations and Changes of Course Content:

Our courses are updated and restructured as soon as new curriculum announced by the Vendors Neutrals (e.g. Microsoft, Cisco, CompTIA, Oracle, CIW, Adobe, etc.) and although we try our level best to deliver the course as advertised but there may inevitably be instances where we have to change course contents without prior notice to maintain our Vendors Neutrals partnerships obligations.

  • In the case of a course cancellation students/delegates will be refunded in full unless they like to wait for the newer dates.
  • We will also consider any reasonable request to cover non-refundable travel arrangements if a course is cancelled within 14 days of the start day.(evidence of travelling should be provided)
  • ITPT will not compensate for time spent travelling or away from the place of work.

Terms Explanation:

Within 14 days:

  1. For a period of 14 days from enrollment, a refund will be given – less postage and printing cost (if Distance learner and course materials have been posted or printed out) where applicable, plus an administration fee of 10% (minimum fee of £50.00) calculated on the total amount of tuition fees paid at the time of cancellation. The student must notify the ITPT administration department in writing and the letter is received within the 14 day period, either by email, post or delivered in person.
  2. If you apply for a refund after 14 days our refund policy does not apply.  However, you will have the option to change your course to another without incurring any additional charges.
  3. The obligation is on the student to ensure and confirm that written notification of withdrawal is lodged before the deadline.

Note: If course notes have already been sent to the student; they must be returned before the refund is paid. The student should not make any copies of course materials.

Within 30 days:

  1. For a period of 30 days following receipt of the material; a student may apply for special consideration; to switch their course for another course.
  2. The application for special consideration must be made in writing (not by telephone) and should be accompanied by a letter explaining why the student wants to change the enrollment.
  3. 10% administration fee of will apply in these circumstances.


  • ITPT will not be responsible for messages going astray.
  • ITPT will not be responsible if the cancellation request is not received within the deadline cancellation terms.
  • ITPT will not be responsible if it is lost in the post.
  • If any of our courses are cancelled, reschedule or postpone due to unforeseen circumstances or act of God e.g. flood, power failure, earthquake, death or etc., then ITPT shall not accept any accountability.
  • ITPT has made all effort to ensure that the information provided is accurate and that the student has attained the competencies taught during the delivery of the course, at the point of their assessment. Beyond this point, the students/delegates are responsible to maintain their acquired proficiencies, and apply learnt knowledge and skills in a way which is appropriate to the distinctive characteristics of each application. This will release the ITPT from any liability, action and claims of whatsoever nature in connection with, or arising from any such information, instruction or advice, given by any student or ex-student, whether directions given during the course are followed or not.
  • Courses notes and materials are not to be sold, loaned, copied, printed or used in any way outside of the pursuit of studying the course by the student/delegate who is enrolled in the course.